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2/16/13 - 7/22/13

Long live James and Sebastian, my OTP.

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I can’t follow people who constantly reblog askbox memes that exist solely to pet the poster’s ego. "Send me __ if you like my writing," “Send me __ if I’m your senpai," “Send me __ if you’re glad to see when I’m online…" And then if they’ve got tons of followers, and a good chunk of them submit these things, and the dash gets flooded with that rper’s ego being petted. Worst is if they argue with their followers and say they don’t deserve the praise.


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Unabashed, Sebastian ignored the prod and continued. “Saves us a lot of trouble, eh? Might as well just come right out with it. I’m not waiting all day. I might roll over, but at least I know when the moment’s right. What do you need? Advice on guns? On trajectories? Perhaps a physics lesson. Maybe you’ve finally realized that I’m not as dumb as Moriarty makes me out to be. I know stuff, y’know. I didn’t go to Eton and Oxford to play marbles.”


It was interesting; he was so combatant verbally, and yet managed a successful career beneath Moriarty. Jim was an apex predator in his field, a spider yes, but arachnids were successful killers, kings of their own territories. The fact that this space was shared spoke volumes about Moran.”On the contrary, Sebastian, I hardly think you’re an idiot at all. If I did, I’d hardly waste my time speaking with you, nor would you have ever been employed as you are now.

    — But, I’m sure you’re well of that.” Talent and intellect kept one alive when facing with a spider as clever as Moriarty. “I was, actually, wondering if you had had any advice on security.”

"Advice on security?" Sebastian cracked a smile at Sherlock’s words - it was the closest thing to a compliment he would ever received, he reckoned. "Guess I could spare a few to help. What kind of security are we talking about?"

Absentmindedly, Sebastian shut off his phone and slipped it into his back pocket. Sure, he knew Moriarty was probably -  somehow - monitoring this conversation, but Sebastian refused to be the source. It was a matter of honor more than a matter of business. Sherlock was trusting him with advice, and he would earn that trust fairly.

"I’ll help in any way I can," he added at last, quirking an eyebrow.





"Liplock Holmes. Fantastic. Just the man I didn’t want to see today.” Sebastian gave an uninterested bob of his head as he stuffed his phone back into his pocket. In all honesty, he always enjoyed the moments of brief badinage they shared time to time. In fact, it was this actuality alone that earned Sherlock the nickname Liplock in the first place. He wasn’t exactly in the mood for it today, however, and he met the man’s gaze with a purse of his lips. “Here to poke your nose somewhere it doesn’t belong, then? Let me hear it.”

Sherlock glared at Sebastian, though the expression held very little animosity in truth. “Actually, I’m here to entertain myself. My shoot got canceled for the day, and it was either drop by to see you or actually acknowledge Mycroft’s existence. Last time I showed up in a skirt he told me it was indecent and sent me home; I haven’t been back since. Do you have any cigarettes?” he asked, perching on the table nearby.

Lips pursed, Sebastian slipped a pack of cigarettes from his jacket pocket, removed one, and handed it to Sherlock. He stuck one between his lips, as well, and lit both. “I feel honored. Priority over your brother? At least I don’t mind what you do. Could care less, actually. It’s your life. People don’t need to be judging you for your own life.” He coughed and rubbed his cheek. “What have you been up to, then, eh? Haven’t seen you in a while. Lots of shoots, then?”




Considering his words, Sebastian, at last, gave a nod. “I understand. You must feel… very instinctive in that regard. Sniping is all about the breathing, all about the wind and the distance and it’s all very unnatural, I suppose. Your method, however, is pure instinct.” He chuckled. “You’re good with close combat then? Ugh, I suck at it. I have good reflexes for ten seconds and then I get a fist in the gut and I lose it all. Terrible of me, I know.” Lips pursed, he watched Walker smile and echoed the same grin. “I had a Guinness, which, aside from a Stella, is the best you can get. Try it and see if you like it!”

"Yeah, I…" he paused, phrasing a response in his mind carefully.  You didn’t tell people that you were practically made to kill wizards.  "I’m used to hitting unusual targets, mostly people who are dangerous if you give them time to prepare and…"  Walker stared at Sebastian a moment, thinking.  Something had clicked together in his head.  "How far away could you hit someone, best conditions?"  He doesn’t look away as he orders a pair of Guinnesses from the bartender.  Yes… from far away enough, even a wizard was just as defenseless as any ordinary human.  

"Unusual targets?" Sebastian echoed, raising a brow. "What do you mean, unusual? What kind of unusual? I mean, any target is dangerous if you give them prep time. If they know you’re there? They’ll run and fight back and make your job ten times harder. It sucks." He chuckled and sipped at his new drink. "How far? My rifle’s a L115A3 AWM - range is about… eh… 1,500 meters. What’s that in yards? I forgot the conversion." He took another sip - this one a bit heavier. "Bloody beautiful shot, if you ask me."





"… I want to get out," was his somber reply. “I want out of the job. I’m tired of it. Tired of killing. I’m not a killer." Pausing, he blinked slowly and looked down. He might as well come clean. “I have a life outside of Moriarty’s ring, actually. A husband. A home. Hopefully, some day, we can adopt a few kids. But now? Now would be dangerous. Moriarty’s got too strong of a grip on me for any leeway. I want out. If you’re able to help me with that? I would be most grateful."


He wanted out, that was no true surprise.  ”Then I can only do one thing.”  Alexandra’s voice went soft.  ”Listen carefully, please.”  Standing to her feet, heels carried her towards the door, locking the solid mahogany before turning around once more.  ”I’ll have to kill you.”  She stated, “He knows of me.  Knows of the trouble I went through to be with the man I am now engaged to.”  Still standing straight, her attention fleeted towards the possibility of someone listening, no sooner ignoring the thought.  

"My real name is Genevieve Barton, and I killed myself in the 19th century to run from Moriarty.  I burnt my apartment from the inside out, convinced the town that I had done something wrong with an experiment.  Dragged a corpse in from the nearest morgue and watched it burn.  Creating my own alibi of Alexandra Udinov."  She no sooner fidgeted with her fingers.  "If you want me to help you, there are extremes that must be taken, a reliable story, a new home, all of it."  Blue hues returned to narrow on the young man.  "Are you will to take those chances?"

Sebastian blinked back surprise. “No. No, I can’t do that. Sorry - no.” He shook his head and dropped his face into his hands. “No. I have friends and family and my husband - people I refuse to leave behind in the dust of my ‘escape’ from Moriarty. If I have to stay his right hand man in order to keep my husband and family with me, so be it.” Rubbing his cheeks, he sat back up. “It’s not… that easy, ma’am. I won’t just cower in fear if that’s what it takes to leave him. And hell, you might live forever. You’re immortal - you can build a new life in a heartbeat. I… I only have so much time. Leaving my husband would kill me.”




There were things Jim enjoyed, and there were things Jim did not enjoy. Having an employee that was matrimonially tied down was one of the things he did not enjoy. The simple reason being that there were more lose ends with which to deal and loyalties were divided.

These thought pervaded the criminal’s head as he stared the young man down. Thin lips seemed ominously so. 

That gaze that settled upon him was too pejorative for his own liking. He stared back, almost defiantly, awaiting assignment or scolding or whatever Jim Moriarty had planned for him. Sebastian hated the moments of silence that stretched between them, though it did give him time to prepare himself.

He broke the silence first, unable to stand it any longer.

"You called?"

Silence was as man’s best friend. It gave the ability to prepare, but also the ability to destroy. As was proven when the sniper spoke first. Couldn’t stand the breath before the plunge? He kept a smirk from forming along his thin lips and reclined back against the desk chair, legs crossing lazily, almost as if ignoring the inquiry.

A blink pervaded the extended silence. They would have to do something about that defiance.

"If you’re here I must have."

Sebastian did his best to remain cordial and subordinate, but it was so hard to maintain that acquiescent behavior when Jim Moriarty was staring him down. He straightened his shoulders, cleared his throat, and dipped his head. “Something you need me for, then?” His tone was anything but impatient - any sign of impatience, and Moriarty would have his head. Sebastian kept that emotion well hidden. “Or just checking in on me? I’d understand either.”

it’s impossible to stay away from Sebastian for too long

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I want my oscar

so I’m taking a short break from Sebastian to go back and revive an old OC muse of mine. Gentry’s multi-ship, adorable, and a great guy to talk to. His FC is Adam Levine, if you’re interested…

if you need me, I’ll be over there for a while! come bother me over there :)

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